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Dr. Dave is Here to Nurture Your Gardening Dreams

Welcome to our brand new Dr. Dave's Ultimate Living Fertilizer website! We look forward to sharing Dr. Dave's tips on organic gardening and how it contributes so much to a happy life. Might as well start at the beginning. Here's his method for setting out plants:

"When setting out plants, I get a bucket of compost, a bucket of rabbit manure full of worms from the rabbitry, a bucket of my fertilizer mix, and a shovel. Then . . .

  • I spread some of my fertilizer over the whole bed, and use a broad fork to loosen the soil.

  • I use the shovel to loosen a basketball-sized hole for each plant, working in a large scoop of compost, like half a shovelful, a bit smaller scoop of worm-filled rabbit manure, and roughly eight ounces of my Dr. Dave's Ultimate Living Fertilizer mix.

  • I pinch off one or two of the bottom leaves on the plant I'm setting out, being careful not to dislodge any of the dirt from the roots, and ease it into a hole in my blend, leaving it just a little bit deeper than it was in the starter tray.

  • Finally, I mulch it heavily with shredded red oak bark , and water it in.

If the plants have not been in full sun, I shade them a bit the first few days, most often with a bit of poplar broken off a nearby tree. Keep 'm moist for the first few weeks and feed 'm a little more fertilizer every three weeks. They go crazy! Then you get to put all those amazing nutrients into your body!"

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